Friday, October 29, 2010


I love to shop. Though that may be an understatement.

The other day I walked into a particularly large Plato's Closet. Rows and shelves and bins were bursting with tops, pants, shorts, skirts, shoes, dresses, scarves, purses, and accessories as far as the eye could see. For the first fifteen minutes I was there I don't think I touched a thing. I just walked in circles as I psychologically prepared myself for the dive. (A good shopper understands that potential is only revealed when every shelf is scoured.) Needless to say, I was in that store for several hours. However I did not walk away with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, but rather a couple of small bags holding the diamonds that were plucked from the rough by my own hands. Because that is the fun of shopping. There is nothing honorable about paying full price. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment that you get when you're walking to the parking lot holding bags full of steals is priceless. And I'm not talking about the "eh, it was cheap" steal. I'm referring to the steals that make you say "I got this for almost nothing but I would have paid way more because that's how much I absolutely LOVE IT".

Bags full of those, with only a small receipt to show for it.

You know the feeling. Selecting an article of clothing (you found eachother...), realizing that it looks good on you (a must), looking at the price tag...(oh.) Because doesn't that last part ultimately make or break the entire experience? So then you ask yourself, "Do I like it enough to pay that much?" I myself am not a fan of that question, so I avoid putting myself in such situations entirely. I skip to the next step of "I can afford that!" as I begin imagining where I'll wear it first and running to the checkout while clutching said item to my chest.

That is the shopping high. I like the shopping high. I also like being able to combine quantity with quality. This is why I shop at Target's sale racks, Plato's closet, and occasionally--you guessed it--the goodwill.

I'll admit, the goodwill has got a lot of CRAP. Sometimes when I'm browsing a second-hand store, I think (and might have even said out loud) that they should just burn it down and start all over again. (C-r-a-p...) But it's not crap all the time. Ever so often I grab great finds, like an adorable lamp, a like-new cocktail dress, authentic 80's earrings, or this purse for $14...

This is far from the first designer item in great condition that I have come across in my bargain-hunting excursions! And of course, it was one of those things you buy even though it had nothing to do with why you were there. You see my husband and I were at IKEA not long ago--which, don't get me started, I LOVE and actually need to attend IKEA Anonymous meetings because my poor husband and I have gone every weekend so far since we moved here a month ago--and while getting some things for the new apartment, I fell in love with a swivel chair while shopping for my office area. It's adorable, and you wouldn't believe how COMFY. Unfortunately the price and I didn't agree. (Almost! ...But neh.)

The fabric on the one I fell in love with was actually even way cuter, but because I'm big on illustrations I pulled the closest example I could find off of their website...

SKRUVSTA | Adjustable Swivel Chair | $149 |

The swivel. The cuteness. The cushiness. (Did I mention it TILTS?) I bid the chair farewell and left the store estranged from the object of my lust. But being a DIY-kind of girl, I wasn't too bummed about it. Which brings me backkkk to my story of why I was at the goodwill. I figured I could find a beat up old swivel chair for super cheap and give it some TLC. Well, lots of TLC. (Starting to think I shouldn't have showed you the sexy swivel from IKEA because now you're probably going to laugh... oh well, here it is.)

With some paint, some fabric, and other things that I leave up to my husband like grease and screws, it's going to be a not-bad little chair. I plan to keep you posted of course so stay tuned for its progress. It will never be worth $149, but sort of like how getting a bargain on something while shopping is better than getting something newer for full price, it's mine. I found it. And it's just one more thing that I can point to when guests are over and say, "Yeppp I did that." Such a priceless feeling! ♥


The point of this picture was to get a close-up of the stand... but as always, my little girl had to be the center of attention.

Can't wait to get started! :)


  1. i am totally 1OO% with you on this :D i can't bring myself to go to the mall & pay full price for anything anymore - even sale prices !! yuck.. plato's closet has spoiled me for life because i know i can get the same items there for a tiny itty bitty fraction of the cost :) i just wish i could find a coach bag for $14 one day !!

  2. I didn't know anyone was following me -- this entry is only half done, check back later for the rest LOL.

    Plato's closet has designer purses for cheap I see them ALLLL the time... you should see the one I got last year for $30, it had to be a $500 purse.