Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roberto rates his first recipe. And a cute little recipe card.

With the cold weather around, my husband and I have been on a real soup kick. I never knew how many kinds of soups there are out there! I mean I guess they were always there but I never realized how good they all were?

Recently I've made broccoli cheddar, wedding soup, butternut squash, and tomato basil. The old favorite of the household was chicken noodle, made with fresh cooked chicken, tons of veggies and big fat egg noodles. But its spot in the heart of my husband has been replaced with that of tomato basil.

I've probably mentioned this before, but my husband is a picky eater... a real chef's nightmare. You know the type: likes to stick with safe things, everything cooked a certain way, no generic brands, hates seafood without exception except for the exception of tuna, and if his chocolate chip cookies aren't the right balance between dippable and underdone he WILL send them back. Yeah, he doesn't like the title, but in my book he's picky. (And although this paragraph kind of just made him sound like a jerk, he is as usual very nice about it.)

Anyway, I thought I'd use his pickiness to my advantage. From now on every recipe I blog about will have a Roberto Rating. (Kind of catchy, don't you think?) Unlike myself who adores anything to do with crab and whose favorite snack of late is brussel sprouts, Roberto's tastes are safe and congenial. Except for his preferred snack of oreos dipped in hawaiian punch... yeah, that one is kind of acquired.

The recipe this time is tomato basil. Personally I fell head over heels with the butternut squash, but much to my dismay it took me about an hour and a half to make and included peeling, slicing, seeding, cubing, cooking, blending, and re-cooking the squash. Unfortunately it was a huge pain in the butt and I'm a fan of super easy + amazing. And if ever I made a recipe that fit that description, it's this one.

And the "Roberto Rating" is... 5/5.

Like my cute new recipe cards? :)

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