Thursday, January 20, 2011

Concerning Aromas

In case you didn't know, I'm the kind of housewife that likes to keep all my dishes done, bed made, carpet spotless, television dusted, pantry organized, dining room chairs perfectly aligned... you get the picture. It kind of just happens when you're a clean freak who doesn't own cable.

But something was missing...

Ambiance for the nostrils. Being a huge candle person (HUGE. My love for candles grows by the second. Don't talk to me about Yankee Candle Company, it just makes me wish I was rich.), I usually have at least one candle burning somewhere in the apartment if I'm home. I like their flicker but I find that they rarely do the trick for smell. I cannot seem to smell them until I'm using them to cut an onion, at which point I always note that the offensive odor of onions combined with the sweet scent of vanilla sugar cookie makes me gag. But I digress.

I'd actually been down this road before: Last time I purchased a knock-off plug-in from WalMart. The original scent was something like Beachy Breeze. But eventually the beachin' breeziness ran its course, and genius cheapskate here thought I would refill it with some rose scented oil I had instead of going out and buying an actual refill.

As it turns out, left over Beachy Breeze and really old rose make a more peculiar pair than onions and vanilla sugar cookie. It took me a week of thinking my husband was smoking and hiding cigars to realize what I had done. Yes, my office now smells like cigars.

So it's back to the drawing board. And this time I want quality AND quantity.

So I turn to Glade.

Who wants $8 a plug-in.


Yes, one arm and one leg for one plug in. I wanted at least two or three but that would make me an indebted paraplegic.

So I turn to eBay. My faithful eBay! I think I eBay everything but perishable groceries. I now have 112 stars. (I brag about those from time to time. The next time you hear about it I'll be up to at least 150.)

And eBay...
is where...
I found...

Four glade plug-ins for $.99.

Thank you. Thank you.

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